Te Hīkoi
Literacy & Numeracy Skills for work and life
Te Waka Tika
Getting ready to sit the Learner
licence test
Job Jumpstart
Skills for work—supported job searching
Te Hikoi is an intensive programme to assist literacy and numeracy learners gain the skills they need to be
more successful in work and life. This
programme will provide activities at a range of levels to challenge people to advance their skills to a higher level. One day each week will have a focus on numeracy within contexts that are
relevant to learners’ everyday lives.
Make learning the 324 pages of the road code easy through games,
activities and quizzes. Students in this class join a small group of others working towards getting their learner licence. The class also offers support to people who find the language or amount of text in the road code
Job jumpstart is a once a week intensive workshop where student of Literacy Aotearoa Wellington can get assistance with their CVs and job hunting.
2-3 days per week
1 day per week
1 day per week


Introduction to computer skills
Next level computer skills
This course gives learners the basic skills they need to use computers with confidence. Aimed at beginners, there are no dumb questions on this course and the learning is fun and helpful. Students get introduced to the basics of email, word and internet searching. This course provides the next step up for Techstart graduates who would like to eventually go on to complete a NZQA Level 1 qualification in
computers or use computers in the workplace. Students will learn about Word, Excel, PowerPoint , and email as well as experiencing different
devices including ablets.
2 days per week1 day per week


Small group learning for people in work
Preparation to enter Police
Not-for-Profit Workers course
This programme helps people
currently in paid employment to
engage in learning specific to their workplace needs and goals.
Students join small groups where
everyone is focused on the same learning goals. The learning can help students to retain current
employment or to progress to the next step in their career.
Get prepared for those
challenging entry tests! Students on this course achieve confidence in their ability to meet the
requirements for Police entry.
Students study in a small groups with highly skilled tutors. Literacy Aotearoa Wellington has had proven
results with this programme.
Students must be prepared to commit to course duration.
This is a course for people working in the not-for-profit sector who want to improve their skills.
It covers:
Report writing
Business emails
Funding applications
Giving and receiving feedback
Time management
…..and much more!
Approx. 2 hours per week
(times to suit learners)
2 hours per week
(times to suit learners)
1 day per week


Te Reo
Te Reo / Tikanga Māori
A rare flight
Nau mai, haere mai.
Ki te wāhanga reo.
Students in this class will learn basic reo Māori in a tikanga Māori context. They will learn vocabulary and
protocols that will be useful in the workplace and in their own
This course caters for specific
high-need students in an inclusive
environment. Students will be
assisted by three tutors skilled in specific literacy and numeracy
Support workers are welcome to attend alongside students.
1 day per week1 day per week


He Tangata
People Skills Course
Workplace Writing
Skills Course
Tech After Dark
Computer Skills Course
On the course you will:
* Develop knowledge of collaborative working skills
* Discover different approaches to thinking and problem
* Understand yourself and others
* Discover your strengths
This will lead to:
* Enhanced customer service skills
* Team collaboration and unity
* Developing leadership skills and understanding the leaders
around you
On the course you will learn:
Grammar and spelling—how to feel more confident in your
Different types of writing—persuasive writing, explanatory
writing etc.—what kind of writing to use in what situation
Writing composition—how to make your messages clear and
Report writing—how to create templates that cut your report
writing time in half
Business emails—tricks to ensure this tool keeps you
looking professional and doesn't lead you into
…..and much more!
On the course you will:
* Learn professional skills in Microsoft Word and Excel
* Try your hand at presentations
* Know your way around the web and the basics of social
* Understand the language around technology
This will lead to:
* New opportunities in the workplace or improved work
* Increased confidence
* Professional documents and presentations
5:30-7:30pm Day TBC5:30-7:30pm Day TBC5:30-7:30pm Day TBC