Te Hikoi Tahitanga

  • How to understand what you read—first time, every time
  • How to write clearly without lots of mistakes
  • How to feel comfortable about everyday numeracy and maths (including timetables and even fractions)
  • Learning about yourself, your strengths and how you learn
  • Thinking about pathways for the future, what are your goals and how do you reach them?
  • Learning skills to help with everyday life, at home, with your whanau, your community and your work.

Perfect for: People who feel that their everyday skills are holding them back



Parts of a computer(know about monitors, USB ports, touch screens, keyboards etc.)Waru computer

  • The basics—parts of computer, set up and how to use
  • Setting up and using an email account
  • Using word to produce professional documents
  • Using excel to store, sort and calculate
  • Communication tools including skype and social media
  • Proofreading and editing documents
  • Formatting documents and emails into sentences, paragraphs etc.
  • Working on tablets—using touchscreens and apps
  • How to protect yourself from scams and fraud
  • Using a computer for day-to-day tasks e.g. banking, Work and Income, keeping in touch with schools etc.

Perfect for: People who are not currently comfortable using a computer or feel their skills are out of date

Back to Work

  • Job searching (using search engines, job sites, local & national vacancies)
  • CVs & Application letters (tailored CV/resumes)isacc waru fraser
  • Job application forms & Interviews (paper and online forms, job interview practice)
  • Selling yourself (how to make the best of all the skills and qualities each person has)
  • Dealing with the hard stuff (how to talk about any negative history including criminal records)
  • Employer/Employee rights and responsibilities (leave, breaks, disputes, 90 day trial)
  • Communication (emails, talking to managers, giving and receiving feedback )

Perfect for: People who are returning to the workforce after time out or moving to a new kind of work

Learn the Road Code

  • Understand the road code
  • Know how to get a full licence
  • Learning all the language used in the road code
  • Understanding the relevant laws about driving
  • Becoming familiar with all road signs and markings
  • Understanding the give way rules
  • Completing practice tests on the computer
  • Knowing ways to be a safe driver
  • Get ready to sit the learners licence test

Perfect for: People needing a driver licence for home or work


Managing Money

  • Setting financial goals
  • Creating a budget
  • Saving money on power bills and public transport
  • Cooking on a budget
  • Shopping for food on a budget
  • Saving money around the home
  • Managing debt
  • Credit cards—friend or foe?
  • Calculating the cost of interest
  • Money planning for a positive future

Perfect for: People living on a tight budget




Workplace Literacy Fund

The Workplace Targeted Literacy Fund is for adults who are in paid employment (including part-time or casual employment), but who have literacy or numeracy skills they want to improve.  It is ideal for those who are struggling with some aspect of their job, would like to get a promotion or who want to change career.

Tuition is provided in small groups at 1-2 hours per week, over a period of 10-30 weeks.

Programmes are tailored to the individual learner’s needs and goals. A number of literacy and numeracy skills are targeted – including the ability to read and understand workplace manuals, write emails, communicate clearly with customers, locate important items of information in a given text and provide accurate record keeping.